Hall of Clouds

The Hall of Clouds is our “Hall of Honour”peacedove_thc

20200515_014200Franco Loja

Turin , 20 May 1974 – Barcelona , 2 January 2017

In the beginning after brief stints in the hospitality industry and translating instruction manuals for the role-playing game Warhammer. Franco ran into Arjan Roskam of Greenhouse Seeds in Amsterdam.Green House Seeds is a Dutch company founded by Arjan Roskam in 1985, one of the leading companies in the world of Cannabis genetics.


Franco became part of Green House Seeds and worked his way to be head breeder creating some legendary strains such as very famous “Super Lemon “Haze and Franco’s newest breeding project Franco’s Lemon Cheese an exceptional blend of Super Lemon Haze and Exodus Cheese, two of Franco’s favourite strains.

Franco Loja was one of the Strain Hunters. Together with Arjan Roskam and others from Greenhouse Seeds they travelled the world in search for rare landrace strains. These travel adventures were beautifully documented in a video series called ‘Strain Hunters’.



Dan.D (VIP Judge)

Dan was a VIP Judge at the cup 2018/2019 he really knew his strains and had a unique knowledge. Always had a smile and a good word to say, total gentleman.

Nol Van Schaik

Joesy Whales


Willie de Vries

The founder of the Bulldog coffeeshop, Willie de Vries, passed away at the age of 62. She was the women behind the man and the Bulldog company.