VIP Sativa

1st place:  “Shoreline” Coffeeshop Mr. K & Co 
2nd place:  “Gelonade” Ams Fire Brigade/Amsterdam Buyers Club
3rd place Lemon Tangie” Coffeeshop Green Place

VIP Indica

1st place: Platinum Valley” Accelerator Seeds
2nd placeSour Banana Sherbet” Kent Valley Farms
3rd place Lavender OG” Somas Sacred Seeds

VIP Traditional Hash

1st place: Coffeeshop Prix d’ Ami King Hassan
2nd place: Green place Gelato Hash
3rd place:  Third Eye Foods Blu Jam” Dry Sift

VIP Hash Extract (ICE/IWE)

1st place: Coffeeshop  Tweede Kamer 
Gorilla Banana Ice
2nd place:  Accelerator Seeds
 Platinum Valley
3rd place: Paper Cut Extracts/Gas Leak Extracts

VIP Artisan

1st place: Elite Flowers  
“Tropicana Cream Cookies” 
Live Resin
2nd place: South East Dank/Connoisseur Genetics
 “Diesel Dipped Cookies”
3rd place: Warwickshire Country
 “Black Cherry Punch”

Best Coffeeshop Flower

1st place: Coffeeshop Amsterdam 
2nd place: MR K &CO
Platinum Cookies
3rd place: Green Place 
Lemon Tangie

Best Coffeeshop Hash

1st place: Tweede Kamer Gorilla Banana Ice
2nd place: Prix d’ Ami “King Hassan”
3rd place: Tweede Kamer “Super Silver Magic Haze” Block

Best Coffeeshop 2018

1st place: Coffeeshop Prix d’ Ami
2nd place: Coffeeshop Solo
3rd place: Coffeeshop Resin

The ‘Bernard Wilson” Award

Prix d’ Ami “King Hassan”
Highest Overall Judges Score



VIP Sativa

1st place: Tangimal Cookies-Ams Fire Brigade/ Amsterdam Buyers Club
2nd place: Soma’s Glue  – Soma’s Sacred Seeds
3rd place:  Marley Colfie- Dr. Duc Grow 

VIP Indica

1st place: Dutch Passion “Mokums Tulip”
2nd place: Steel Branch Farms “Lava Cake”
3rd place: Coffeeshop De Kroon“4G

VIP Traditional Hash (Drysift)

1st place: Bio Tabs/Extractor- Garlic Breathe
2nd place: Coffeeshop Boerejongens – Super Silver Haze Block
3rd place: Coffeeshop Prix D’ Ami – King Hassan

 VIP Hash Extract (Ice/IWE)

1st place: Coffeeshop Amsterdam -Candy Kush Ice- Waterworks 80
2nd place: Ex.tractor/Biotabs -Garlic Breathe” – IWE
3rd place: Generous Garden Genetics  – Zombie Kush x Narsties Glue

VIP  Artisan

1st place: Mad Bear Extracts – Sorbetto Badder
2nd place: Coffeeshop Family first  – OG Kush Sugar Wax
3rd place: Real Extractions x Aranua  – C.R.L Autumn Sherbet Badder

VIP CBD Products

1st place: Xtract CBD – Paris OG
2nd place: Liquid Ireland CBD

VIP Innovation Award

1st place: Crazy Zoo Extracts – Layer Cake
2nd place: Boundless Technology – Terp Pen
3rd place: Focus: Carta V

Best Coffeeshop 2019 

1st place: Coffeeshop Family First
2nd place: Coffeeshop Prix D’Ami
3rd place: Coffeeshop Amsterdam

Best Coffeeshop Flower

1st place: Coffeeshop Family First – Ice Cream Cake
2nd place: Coffeeshop Green Place -Shoreline
3rd place: CoffeeShop Relax – White Choco Haze

Best Coffeeshop Hash 

1st place: Coffeeshop Solo – Banana OG

2nd place: Coffeeshop De Kroon – Carmello

3rd place: Coffeeshop: Prix D’Ami – King Hassan

Best Budtending Team

1st place: Coffeeshop Mr. K & Co

2nd place: Coffeeshop Yanks

3rd place: Coffeeshop Catch 33

The Bernard Wilson Award  

Highest Overall Judges Score

“Coffeeshop Family First”



Best VIP Sativa
1st place: Alto Jardin with Kinder Fuego.
2nd place: Urban Growers Collective with Platinum Kush Breath Remix 4.
3rd place: Coffeeshop Solo. with Mimosa.

Best VIP Indica
1st place: Growers Choice with Rainbow Candy.
2nd place: Dutch Passion with Kerosene Krash.
3rd place: Seed Stockers with Gelato 41.

Best VIP Hybrid
1st place: Alto Jardin with  Forbidden Fruit.
2nd place: Dr. Duc Grow with Astral Amnesia Haze.
3rd place: Dutch Passion with Sugar Bomb Punch.

Best VIP Traditional Hash
1st place: Coffeeshop Solo with Primera.

1st place: Growers Choice with Charlottes Dream.
2nd place:  Mystryweed Products with Bio CBD Honey.
3rd place: Xtract Cbd with Paris OG.

Best VIP Rosin
1st place: Alto Jardin with Forbidden Fruit.
2nd place: Dr. Duc Grow with  Astral Afghan.
3rd place: Dr. Duc Grow with Marleys Collie.

1st place: Mad Bear with  Sorbetto – Diamonts & Sauce.
2nd place: Mad Bear with  Pink Lytchee – Diamonts & Sauce.

Best VIP Edible
1st place: Coffeeshop Solo with Tiramisu.
2nd place: Mysteryweed Products with THC Honey. 


Best VIP Sativa
1st place: Hash Broz x Golden Extracts – Mimosa (Symbiotic genetics)
2nd place: Het Gelderse – Orangeese
3rd place: La’ Chanvriere – Peche Migron

Best VIP Indica
1st place: Growers wit Attitude – Kush Mints
2nd place: Alto Jardin – Purple Punch
3rd place: Growers Choice – Banana Gpeu

Best VIP Hybrid
1st place: Coffeeshop Het Gelderse – Lolly
2nd place: Growers with Attitude – Skittlez 
3rd place: Growers Choice – Sour Skittlez

Best VIP Hash
1st place: The Myron Labs – Devils juice
2nd place: Hash Broz x Gold Green Extracts – GMO Fresh Frozen
3rd place: The Myron Labs – Sherbie

Best VIP Artisan
1st place: G6 Extracts – Terpless Diamonds
2nd place: La Chanvriere – Fresca Melon Wet Badder Rosin
3rd place: Xtract – Pineapple Express CBD Terpsolat 

Best VIP Edibles
1st place: Gambit Gasolina – Cream Cup Cake 
2nd place: Pete’s Edibles – BHO Sweet Ring
3rd place: Mystery Weed Products – THC Honey  

1st place: Goldfish Amsterdam – CBD Candy
2nd place: Cibiday – CBD Fruit Gummies
3rd place: Mystery Weed Products – CBD Royal Jelly Honey

Best Coffeeshop Hash
1st place: Coffeeshop Het Gelderse – Bubba Kush
2nd place: Coffeeshop Happy Days – Lava Cake
3rd place: Coffeeshop Het Gelderse – Strawberry Cake

Best Coffeeshop Flower
1st place: Coffeeshop Het Gelderse – Devils Pie
2nd place: Coffeeshop 137 – Kosher Kush
3rd place: Coffeeshop Het Gelderse – Melonade

Best Coffeeshop
1st place: Coffeeshop Het Gelderse
2nd place: Coffeeshop 137
3rd place: The Rookies Coffeeshop