Market Stall Registration Form

Market Stall Registration:

Clouds in the City Cup ‘Creative Market’ at NDSM – Amsterdam – 30th September 2023

All companies welcome including:

  • Hemp Companies
  • Seed Banks/Pollen Banks
  • Grow Shops
  • Lighting Companies
  • Soil & fertilizer Companies
  • Nutrient Companies
  • Paraphernalia shops
  • Wholesalers
  • Glass Art creators and designers.
  • New technologies and Innovations
  • Advice, education, safety and knowledge.
  • Grow Products
  • Jewellery, Clothing
  • Farming Equipment
  • Food, drinks, sweets & confectionary stalls
  • * Partial Sponsor funded stalls available for new brands who need a little help with that first step into the community.
  • We allow stalls to be shared. (With Limits)